Weighted Games

A sky of blue, and leaves of green

A breeze that whispers through the trees

Autumn colors and falling leaves

I hear them crumble beneath my feet

A sun as bright as this fall day

Should make the demons go away

But here they linger, and here they’ll stay

To keep me company, so they say

Vibrant golds, and greens, and reds

Distract my eyes but not my head

So still the demons whisper dread

I wish them gone, I wish them dead

The air is cool, the day a splendor

This Friday in the mid November

But a fire burns, I feel the embers

I can’t forget, only remember

I’m not alone on this flawless day

For on my shoulders heavily weigh

The burdens I carry in every way

Wherever I go I hear them say

“You are fragile, you are weak,

Soon you’ll land hard on your knees

For you will never truly see

What we can do to make you bleed.

You know by now that we won’t stop

Until we get what we all want

All of this, it’s all your fault

So we’ll just wait for you to drop.”

So in this sodden grass I’ll sit

Watch my cigarette burn while lit

And watch the tables turn and flip

Set down the burdens, weighted brick

Always I feel so alone

Nowhere really feels like home

Spending time just throwing stones

As nothing here is all my own

Except these demons that I carry

That make me tired, make me weary

And still I fight with each one daily

“Why won’t you go? Why won’t you leave me?”

The answer is always the same

“We love to play our little games.

You just give and we will take.

You’ll eventually give in anyway.”

Ill try to keep my thoughts away

And think about this gorgeous day

Maybe they will stay at bay

At least for a moment, that’s all I pray

And maybe one day I’ll find peace

Where monsters don’t crouch under trees

That sway along the Autumn breeze

On that day they’ll leave me be


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